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Mercredi 15 avril

Le mercredi 15 avril, avant l'ouverture officielle du congrès, différents ateliers sur des programmes de recherche en cours ou bien des actions à mener seront proposés gratuitement pour tous les inscrits au congrès.

Pour cela, il leur suffit de s'inscrire à l'évènement en cliquant sur une des images ci-dessous.


 WORKSHOP: Cold Chain in Hot Countries (10h00 - 11h30)

HotCounrriesWORKSHOP: For an Eco-designed cold chain – optimizing energy consumption, safety, quality and shelf-life of refrigerated processed foods (Opticold project)” (10h00 - 11h30)


  1.  General presentation of the Opticold project (Christophe Nguen-The, SQPOV, INRAE Avignon)
  2. Development of multi-criteria analysis approach considering food safety, food waste and energy consumption indicators for food plants: Application to production process of puff pastry (Steven Duret, FRISE, INRAE Jouy en Josas-Antony)
  3.  Markers of cold adaptation of the pathogenic bacterium Bacillus cereus, towards tools for an improved growth prediction (Christophe Nguen-The, SQPOV, INRAE Avignon)
  4.  Interactions between refrigeration temperatures, energy consumption in a food plant and microbiological quality of the food product: application to refrigerated stuffed pasta (Steven Duret, FRISE, INRAE Jouy en Josas-Antony).


WORKSHOP: For energy efficient and HFC-free domestic, commercial and retail refrigeration in Article 5 countries (13h00 - 18h30)


 WORKSHOP: Cryogenic Energy Storage for Renewable Refrigeration and Power Supply (15h30 - 17h30)




The primary objective of this project is to develop technology and increase knowledge for more energy efficient and climate friendly cooling, freezing and heating onboard fishing vessels.

  • Short presentations
    • The project CoolFish (Kristina N. Widell)
    • Energy efficiency in fish processing (Tom Ståle Nordtvedt)
    • Natural refrigerants (Trygve Eikevik)
    • Utilization of cold from LNG (Muhammad Zahid Saeed)
    • Cold Chain Technology Brief on fishing vessel application (Didier Coulomb)
  • Discussions
    • Status in other countries within refrigeration and heating onboard fishing boats
    • Other similar projects and activities
    • Activities in CoolFish, suggestions and other input


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