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Wednesday 26th August

On Wednesday 26th August, before the official opening ceremony of the coference, several workshops on ongoing or coming research projects are proposed for free to all participants to ICCC 2020.

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 WORKSHOP: Cold Chain in Hot Countries (13:00 - 14:30) (contact: Registration : 

HotCountries UNEP

5 minutes

Welcome from Halima Thraya ( President of the IIR WG on Cold Chain in Hot Countries)

15 minutes

The role of the IIR in the Rome’s Declaration (Didier Coulomb, IIR)

20 minutes

Activities of UN Environment (Ayman Eltalouny, UN Environment)

20 minutes

From the G7 to the G20, overview of international efforts to encourage a climate friendly cooling sector around the globe (Benoit LEBOT, Ministry of Ecology (France)

30 minutes

The role of refrigeration in worldwide nutrition (Jacques Guilpart)

30 minutes

Final Questions and Close

WORKSHOP: For energy efficient and HFC-free domestic, commercial and retail refrigeration in Article 5 countries (15:00 - 16:30) (contact:  Registration :


UNIDO/IIR workshop Agenda:

Didier Coulomb, IIR General Director

5 minutes

Barriers for the adoption of energy-efficient technology in the retail refrigeration industry - Survey results

Ina Colombo, IIR Deputy Director

10 minutes


For an energy efficient and HFC free retail refrigeration

Jacques Guilpart, IIR Honorary member 

15 minutes


Successful case studies of energy efficiency in supermarkets:

  • UNIDO case studies introduction on the decision-making tree (5 min)
  • UNIDO Brazil case study (10 min)
  • Uganda supermarket manager’s reflection on energy efficient cooling options (10 min)
  • UNIDO case studies closing (5 min)

30 minutes


WORKSHOP: Cryogenic Energy Storage for Renewable Refrigeration and Power Supply (15:00 - 17:30) (contact:



Cryogenic Energy Storage for Renewable Refrigeration and Power Supply

 Webinar during International cold chain conference

Session Chair Didier Coulomb

15.00-15.10 Workshop opening Didier Coulomb, Institute International du Froid/International Institute of Refrigeration

15.10-15.25 Introduction to CryoHub Judith Evans, CryoHub Project Coordinator, London South Bank University, UK

15.25-15.40 Modelling of liquid air energy storage in refrigerated cold storage warehouses Daniele Negro, Research Fellow, London South Bank University, UK

15.40-15.55 Overview of CryoHub thermal storage technologies  Denis Leducq, INRAE, France

15.55-16.10  Energy management strategy to make CryoHub concept profitable Gabriel García Naved Cener, Spain

16.10-16.35 Energy mapping and co-locating of large refrigerated food warehouses with renewable energy resources throughout Europe. Kostadin Fikiin, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

16.35-17.20 Drivers and barriers for next generation sustainability for cold stores (interactive session). Carol Bond, Carbon Data  and Jonathan Radcliff University of Birmigham  

17.20 Close – conclusions Didier Coulomb

 Please register to attend on a laptop, computer or smartphone here:

  WORKSHOP: COOLFISH PROJECT (15:00-17:00) (contact:

CoolFish: Energy efficient and climate friendly cooling, freezing and heating onboard fishing vessels.

This workshop is open to all participants of the conference, so join if you are working within the topic or are curious about it. It will be possible to attend online.


Program: presentations (each 10 min + questions)

  • The project CoolFish (Kristina N. Widell, SINTEF Ocean): The project objectives, goals, tasks, and partners are presented
  • Energy efficiency in fish processing (Tom Ståle Nordtvedt, SINTEF Ocean): Although the seafood industry has focused on increasing energy efficiency in recent years, many opportunities for improvement remain.
  • Natural refrigerants (Trygve Eikevik, NTNU): Many fishing vessels in Norway use ammonia as refrigerant, and some also use CO2. The possibilities of using natural refrigerants on board are presented.
  • Utilization of cold from LNG (Muhammad Zahid Saeed, NTNU): One part of the project has been to investigate possibilities of utilizing cold from LNG, which is presented here.
  • Cold Chain Technology Brief on fishing vessel application (Didier Coulomb, IIR): IIR's technology brief on process needs and applications of refrigeration on board refrigerated fishing vessels will be presented.
  • Further work and other projects (Kristina N. Widell, SINTEF Ocean): The project will continue until 2023, further plans and activities will be described. Alex C Pachai (Johnson Controls) will present some other activities. 

 Please register to attend on a laptop, computer or smartphone here:

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