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Guide to submit the full paper


The ICCC 2020 submission process will take place in two steps. In step 1 (by September 28, 2019), the author will submit an abstract containing up to 150 words. On November 2, 2019, the author will be informed if his/her abstract has been accepted. In step 2, authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to submit a full manuscript by January 6, 2020.

Papers presented at ICCC 2020 are published in the IIR Fridoc database. The entire manuscript (i.e. text, figures, tables, references and abstracts) should not exceed eight (8) pages, or twelve (12) for plenary lectures.

The manuscripts should report on original research or on technical developments and their applications. They should contain quality science or technical information. Authors will be required to sign over the copyright of their paper to the IIR, via a Copyright Transfer Policy, in order to complete the submission of their paper. The process of validation and acceptance and/or rejection of papers will be under the authority of the Scientific Program Committee.


1. Rule of Two
One participant can submit up to two papers as a presenting author. There is no restriction of abstract numbers for one participant as a co-author.

2. Language
If you submit your abstract in French, you must provide an English translation of the abstract at the same time. You then submit your full paper in French only and make your presentation at the Congress in French.

3. No Commercialization
Commercialization in the manuscript and during oral presentation is not permitted. Manuscripts are meant to advance the general state of the art. The congress is not a place to promote sales. If included in the manuscript, commercialization will either be deleted or the manuscript will be rejected.

4. Review
Submitted abstracts undergo a review by peer-reviewers. Acceptance is based on scientific merit and originality.

5. Presentation Preference
While abstracts may be submitted as oral or poster presentation types, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to assign final presentation type in the best interest of the program.

6. Publication
In regards to production deadlines, as of March 6th, 2020, all presenting authors must be registered and must have paid their registration fees to keep their presentation and manuscript in the program.

Authors are responsible for proofreading their abstract before submitting, particularly with regard to general orthography, as well as author names/order and affiliations.


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Copyright transfer policy

As a condition of publication in the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) FRIDOC database and DOI indexation, authors are requested to assign the copyright of their paper to the IIR in consideration of such publication.

Please, during registration, confirm your agreement to this by approving the Copyright Transferbelow.

All authors should approve the Copyright Transfer. For papers with multiple authors, one author should approve the Copyright Transfer on behalf of all the authors.

Any third party wishing to reprint copyright material, including illustrations, must obtain formal permission from the IIR and an appropriate acknowledgement to the IIR must always be made.

The author(s) of the associated paper agree to the Copyright Transfer Policy and hereby:
  • assign the copyright of the paper to the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR). The IIR shall, during the legal term of copyright, have the sole and exclusive right to produce, publish, disseminate electronically and own the paper, illustrations and figures included, throughout the world.
  • has/have the right to:
    • reprint, publish or copy the paper abstract,
    • borrow portions of the paper for use in other works,
    • make derivative works,
    • alter the paper, add to the paper, or update the content of the paper,
    • be identified as the author(s) of the paper,
    • include part(s) of the paper in a thesis or dissertation,
  • on the condition that acknowledgement to the IIR is given, as shown hereafter, and quoted each time: 

Copyright © [year] IIF/IIR.

Published with the authorization of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR).

The conference proceedings of the [conference title] are available in the Fridoc database on the IIR website at

  • must obtain written consent from the IIR to print, publish, copy or make readily available in open access and/or downloadable in public domains or on websites the entire paper.
  • shall not grant to any other person, firm or company, without consent in writing from the IIR, the right to post copies of this paper or any part of the paper readily available and/or downloadable in public domains, websites or in open access.
  • warrant to the IIR that the material shall be in no way whatever a violation of any existing copyright, that it contains nothing libelous or unlawful and that it does not infringe the rights or privacy of others.
  • confirm that the work has not been previously published elsewhere and is not currently under consideration for another publication.
  • confirm that all of the paper's authors accept responsibility for the validity of its content.
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